Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane - Westpoint Autos Ambassador

Business Leader and Entrepreneur

Lorna Jane Clarkson is the founder, visionary and inspirational woman behind multi-award winning Activewear brand, Lorna Jane.

Credited for creating the Activewear category as we know it today, Lorna’s story began nearly 30 years ago when working as a fitness instructor she couldn’t find fashionable, functional pieces to wear that fitted her active lifestyle. So, she decided to make her own.

From cutting patterns on her living room floor and hand sewing her designs at her kitchen table, Lorna started designing her unique fusion of workout gear and lifestyle pieces when she founded her company Lorna Jane in 1989.

More than the single most awarded Activewear Designer, Lorna is a 6 time author and is highly influential in the health and wellness industry, thanks to her genuine passion to support and educate women to live their happiest and healthiest lives through Active Living and the Daily practice of Move Nourish Believe.

Lorna is also a highly regarded Business Leader and Entrepreneur, building an Activewear empire which has presence in more than 17 countries and online globally.

Lorna’s genuine love for Volkswagen started with the purchase of her first car...

"My Parents wanted me to get a NEW car but all I wanted was a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle... and of course that’s what I got."

"Who would have thought that it would be the beginning of a 30yr love affair with the Volkswagen brand."

"I am so very proud to be an Ambassador for VW Australia and Westpoint Autos and look forward to doing some amazing work with them."

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