Those Two Girls

Those Two Girls - Westpoint Autos Ambassadors

HIT105 AM National Radio Show and SeaFM Breakfast

Introducing our awesome ambassador duo – Sarah Wills and Lise Carlaw, or you may know them as Those Two Girls – Hit105 Early Breakfast Hosts and SeaFM Breakfast Radio daily. The girls are best friends who love working together!

If a teenager were to describe Early Breakfast with Those Two Girls, they’d say it was ‘lit’ and ‘extra’...and they wouldn’t just be talking about flammable chewing gum. Those Two Girls are Lise and Sarah, besties with a self-deprecating, irreverent and playful humour. Off-air, they are known for producing sell-out events and are in- demand MCs and guest speakers.

They joined our Westpoint Autos Ambassador team in 2017 and have driven many of our vehicles (often matching!) over the years, helped host charity events and been thrown around a skid pan or two on our driver experience days.

To get to know them a bit better, check out the interview below!

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Ambassador Questionnaire

  Greatest Achievement/ Proudest Moment?

Professionally - landing not one, but two radio jobs with a best friend, sharing a stage with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Julie Bishop and Leigh Sales and producing sell-out events that resonate with women like us. Personally – teaching our kids how to successfully load a dishwasher and remembering to moisturise our elbows.

  What does being a Westpoint Autos Ambassador mean to you?

As proud Brissie girls, it’s an honour to be part of Westpoint’s extended family. We were never ‘car people’ but over the past four years we now consider ourselves to be experts and can confidently pair a blue tooth and make solid recommendations to friends and family. WPA for life!

  Pineapple on pizza. Yes or No?

It’s a hard yes from both of us.

  What's your favourite car to drive and why?

Lise: Nissan Xtrail for the family; Hyundai Kona for the zippy city whip.

Sarah: Nissan Pathfinder all the way. I never thought I’d need a seven-seater given I only have two children but that boot space is a game-changer.

  What was your first car?

Lise: I had a red Mitsubishi Colt with vinyl seats that would burn the underside of my thighs in summer. No air con, pretty much an oven on wheels, but gee I felt cool in it!

Sarah: A 1995 chilli red Ford Festiva named ‘Festy’.

  What aspect of the Westpoint Autos ethos speaks to you the most?

You know that feeling when your local coffee shop remembers your name and order? It’s just like that! The warmth of a family-owned business combined with personalised service. Can’t beat it.

  If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join and why?

Backstreet boys. Give us a choreographed dance any day of the year.

  If you could drive anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and why?

The Great Ocean Road, Thelma and Louise style!

  What motivates you to work hard?

Each other and our families.

  What's your favourite movie and why?

Lise: I can’t go past The Sound of Music. It’s the soundtrack of my childhood. Liesl is goals.

Sarah: Gone with the wind. I love the grandeur of it.

  What's one fun fact about you?

Lise: We finish…

Sarah: each other’s sentences.